La Lutta: New Media Collective

Here is a great, little underground Zine gathered to promote the forces of social change, as well as world recognition of the problems facing the world today. Based out of New York City, a wide spectrum of artists, journalists and educators have coalesced in the form of one remarkable and powerful voice. La Lutta serves to afford those without the technological advantages an opportunity to be heard. Great articles and an awareness of the things that more Americans need to hear can be found here.


If you are a poet/writer, then here is a site for you. Featured here are poetry, fiction, articles, essays, reviews, interviews and much more. This site also accepts submissions and is updated monthly. Plenty of content to be found here, and a nice mixture of the past mixed the contemporary. This site is sure to inspire all of those looking to mingle with others inspired by the magic of the word.

Jack Magazine

This is more than an online magazine dedicated to Kerouac, so I wish to advise all those interested in the Beat tradition to take some time and check it out, especially those interested in the Beat effect upon contemporary writing. The beautiful idea behind this site is that it seeks to redefine and create beyond a phenomenon some have relegated to the past annals of American culture. You won't be disappointed, I assure you!

Poetry Changes People

Let's hope so! Otherwise, what is the point of poetry if it is not evoking some sort of emotion, even if it is on the lowest molecular level of being. Poetry does change people! It is something that we still grapple to explain why we to do it, yet we never, as a people throughout time - conjoined to the world, underestimate its value and importance. Explore this strange intoxicant named poetry, ask questions and check out some of the consumed deliverers of its message here.


CIA - World Fact Book - Afghanistan

Gathered here is a list of facts covering government, people, geography, military, economic, communication, transportation and transnational issues dealing with the country of Afghanistan. This site includes a map and very in-depth statistics.

Afghanistan Online: Afghan History

Learn the history of Afghanistan. Going back as far as 50,000 years BCE, this site contains a detailed, chronological time span denoting the history of modern Afghanistan. Although the details are rather general, still this site will provide a very worthwhile experience in a very brief amount of time.

Afghanistan @ Culture

Learn the culture of Afghanistan. I strongly suggest anyone wishing to bomb the hell out of Afghanistan to go directly to this site. By now most people should know full well that the brute Taliban government does not represent the people whom it cruelly rules over. Gathered here is a wealth of culture dealing with poetry, art, traditional costumes, languages, famous Afghans, music, cooking and lots more.


Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

Warning: This site includes some disturbing images of the realities that many face while living under the rule of a government gone awry. If you are interested in the current conditions of the women and men living in Afghanistan, there are many recent reports located on this site to give you an idea. Dedicated to democracy and strongly opposed to the rule of fundamentalism, this site is pressed for bringing about a much-needed change.

Terrorism Research Center

A very useful site, learn more about what inspires terrorism and the methods employed in counterterrorism. Provided are focus areas concerning homeland terrorism, as well as information about biological and chemical attacks. If you would like to become more educated about terrorism, its analysis, profiles of organizations, travel advisories, documents made available, links and much more, then become a better informed citizen here.


AMG - Gary Pig Gold

Biographical information featuring Gary "Pig" Gold, where you can checkout out his long lineage through the winding corridors of Rock & Roll history. See the influence he has had from pop to punk to fanzine writer/editor to producer and songwriter.

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