Key-Z Productions

Ken Kesey, a great American author has passed, but his legacy is very much alive. Key-Z Productions, which in fact is run by his son Zane, is a great testimonial to the Spirit that followed Kesey wherever he went. Aside from the fact that you can't help but feeling the preeminence of fun and freedom that was attached to Kesey's lifestyle just by visiting, the site also offers a great variety of books, posters, buttons and videos, as well as some very rare and hard to find items like original movie footage and signed copies of books. Also, sign up and take the Acid Test to win free footage of Kesey, Cassady, The Merry Pranksters and The Grateful Dead along with a garbage can of Kool-Aid.


A non-profit fund, Milarepa is an organization dedicated to the peaceful liberation of the Tibetan people. Chances are you may have already heard of this organization, since one of its biggest supporters is Adam Yauch and other fellow Beastie Boys members. If this is something that interests you, checkout the message board, read some quotes from Martin Luther King jr. and The Dalai Lama, read their mission statement, and if you care to?become a supporter.

Diverse and extensive, lots of content with a couple of homespun features, is an online forum offering a wide spectrum of stories. The nice thing about Buzzle is that it offers the reader a pleasurable mix of stories that run the gauntlet from newsworthy to entertainment; included are chapters from animals & pets, literature, philosophy, health, business, science & technology, lifestyles, food & drink and much more. Also, checkout a small section labeled "The Escape Hatch" which features a small corner of jokes, poetry, short stories and submitted work from members and staff.

Light & Dust Anthology Of Poetry

Basically, this is an anthology and great wealth of poetry listed in alphabetical succession. Aside from the poetry, this site also includes complete works, whole books (some out of print), as well as commentary and criticism. The site is very easy to navigate and some very notable poets are listed, some along with their homepages.


Feminist Blog

Although I still am not sure exactly what a blog is, I have noted from general perusal that it seems to be a sort of online diary of sorts. Anyway, I found this one to be very interesting. Run by a twenty-five year old woman named Colleen out of Denver, CO, I was truly amazed by the array of articles she had managed to gather on a monthly basis to be held up under a feminist approach. What had really impressed me was the fact that she seemed to pull stories together from all Four Corners of the Internet, a great many of them seemingly very important, yet not voiced in mainstream news media. Although some may be put off by the strong subjective note of feminist critique, remember that it is a recording of her personal beliefs; and besides that, a mixture of humor makes reading this Blog very enjoyable.

From The Wilderness Publications

This is Mike Ruppert's site, whom you may remember from column sixty-five in which he alleged that the CIA knew much more than it led the public to believe about the September 11th attacks. And it doesn't stop. There are many more accusations, just checkout his site. From CIA dealings in drugs to Bush's fascism to CIA tactics used to dismantle independent journalists, it's all there to be judged by you, the viewer. His latest story alleges that the CIA is known to have been funneling money into Pakistani intelligence known to fund bin Laden and his network. Why? In order to secure a war and win public support. - Money In Politics Data

Want to know exactly what the politicians are doing with your money? Want to know who is funding who in congress? Want the latest campaign fundraising statistics? Find out what companies have what politicians in their pockets. Find out how lobbying the different parties can make a difference in which bills actually become laws. Find out which special interest groups are being rewarded. Find out the real impetus behind general elections and how that effects the men and women once they make it to office. Follow the money trail directly to your own representatives.


The Strokes

Because I promise that you will be hearing a lot more from this band, do yourself a favor and check them out now. The Strokes, up until recently a hip, underground New York based - sort of eclectic of early punk, raw, melodic, with scratchy crooning, yet strong vocals - group, is one of the finest rock bands that I have come across in years. I haven't heard of anyone, who happens to appreciate the presence of talent in a band making good music, saying a negative word about them. A breath of fresh air in a time when commercial pop-homogeneity might have left you wondering if we would ever see sincere musicians in the mainstream, checkout The Strokes.

Pennywisdom - The Official Pennywise site

Hard core, straight punk rock with a voice of social and political awareness, Pennywise is a band that gets better and better with each new production: their latest accomplishment being Land Of The Free. Loud and fast with a punk motif, yet with a very positive message, and still a fun bunch of guys ready to go out, play and drink a bunch of beer; this is a group without pretension - one of my favorite bands.

Center Of Beat

Whether in German or in English, Center of Beat - a nicely done newsletter out of Hamburg, Germany - is a well crafted website devoted to The Beatles with a focus on their earlier days in Hamburg. One may also want to checkout the special section devoted to photographer Astrid Kirchherr's early photos and exhibition dates.

Special Concern

Zoe's Place Baby Hospice

John Williams, contributor and technical advisor to The BLJ, brought this one to our attention. We would just like to encourage as many readers as possible to take the time to look into this site, especially since John has stated that many sites pursuing their own general interests have opted to look the other way on this very important social matter. Zoe's place is dedicated to giving the special care needed to the many small infants and babies that are not born with the same fortune that most of us take for granted. Our thanks to John for bringing this matter to our attention and for being dedicated to getting the word out.

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