Milk Magazine


Hip, meticulous and subtle – here is a cool Zine we would like to pass along if you are looking to read some notable and very cool poets.  I personally like this site because it is all done in black and white – trés cool.  Milk is edited by Larry Sawyer and Lina Ramona Vitkauskas, each accomplished in their own right.  Milk is very easy to navigate featuring an interview with Ginsberg, twenty questions with Bill Berkson and too many deeply talented poets to name.  Just go check it out, we know you will enjoy it.


Poet Michael McClure and Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek have been teaming up for years now complimenting each other – spoken word with music and music to spoken word – so how cool is it that Denise Enck has compiled a site to bring together one place filled with all of their endeavors?  Everything you need to find out about is here.  From books, performances, movies, recordings and events, it’s all here.   If you have never heard McClure and Manzarek perform together, you are surely missing out.  With McClure’s dry and resonant voice combined with the tapping and impressionistic melody of Manzarek’s talented fingertips, you will be offered an entry into a tradition of jazz-fused poetry which has as its genesis the cool era of fifties backroom galleys.


Intrepid Trips


From Merry Prankster Ken Babbs here is the Intrepid Traveler’s Intrepid Trips.  I love this site because it resonates with such an enjoyable energy, like sitting beside a group of friends with a hallucinatory scrapbook.  The legacy of Kesey and the Pranksters lives on because Ken Babbs takes the time to keep us up to date with pictures, letters, stories and events concerning Kesey and the Pranksters.  Like the electricity of crackling telephone wires hanging over some dusky recess of night, the warm-hearted spiritedness kept alive by the Pranksters is generated right onto your computer screen as soon as you click the link below.  Further!




If the field of semiotics is of any interest to you, then here is an extensive site that includes definitions, articles, journals, resources and general readings.  Also included are the active writers in the field as well as celebrities like Barthes, Lacan and Saussure.


Literary Kicks


Litkicks is one of the hippest literary sites on the net.  Focusing on some of the more interesting movements in literature, this site is relatively unique in its combination of general information woven together with a wide array of message boards to explore deeper truths about the genres.  Litkicks is a maze of information, which makes it fun to navigate.  One other thing that makes Litkicks noteworthy is that it encourages its readers to contribute anything of topical significance to the site.  Some of the coolest writers and movements in literature are the main focus at this site.


Banned Books and Censorship


Here is a nice About site dedicated to bringing awareness to the subject of book banning and censorship.  If you think that censorship is part of the past, think again.   Over 6,000 books alone were challenged in the previous decade.  Checkout a very nice site run by Wendy Butler.


Big Bridge


Dedicated to the eternal nexus of art springing forth in all its states, moods and forms, Big Bridge is committed to that great surge of creativity which blossoms forth in a multiplicity so complex and general that it embraces all at once.  Here you will find art, poetry, film/music, fiction and nonfiction.  Big Bridge is the welcoming gate for all artists.  There is even a featured link to genius Ira Cohen, as well as Big Bridge being a small, fine press which has recently published Philip Whalen’s GOOFBOOK – a book written for Jack Kerouac and edited by Big Bridge founder Michael Rothenberg.




Bush Watch


Because anytime a President enjoys such a high approval rating, it’s time you better keep a close watch.  Don’t let the political correctness of fighting a war stop you from keeping an eye on our elected officials.




The Doors


If you are a doors fan and have not checked out their official site, then you are going to be exceedingly pleased upon visiting.  Bright Midnight, the doors new music label, has one sole purpose…to release all remaining archived and vaulted music every six months for the next six years.  Here it is, stuff that has never been heard before from backstage private rehearsals to interviews and lots of live concerts.  And the best part is that all current releases are readily available to buy right online from the site.  A readily available toy box for any doors fan is waiting, so go check it out.




If you are sick of being hit over the head by the endless stream of corporate created pop-trendy music, then go to KindaMuzik and get plugged into the real scene of cutting edge music.  Here you will find some great reviews of talented underground artists as well as interviews, live reviews and listings of some really cool webradios.  If you consider yourself a music connoisseur, then definitely check this site out.



Rock’s Backpages


Here is a nice Zine completely dedicated to that small fad that most assumed would fade away as a temporary rebellious musing, but instead has since emboldened and shaped our cultural history, a little thing known as Rock’n Roll.  Read great stories and reviews or become a member and get access to the whole Rock’n Roll Library.  Go checkout the ultimate Zine dedicated to Rock.



Moses – official site


Checkout Moses, a neo-classic rock band from Pittsburgh, PA.  Moses is a three-piece band featuring Vimala on bass, Geno Fratto on drums and Chuck Moses on guitar.  The band describes its sound as rock combined with alternative, but taken to a new level.   Yet why not take a listen for yourself and journey on over to the official site where there are a great variety of samples available for your listening ear.  Why not take the opportunity now?



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