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Subject: Solidarity with the Argentine poet Juan Gelman.
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 08:29:41 -0500
From: "Fernando Rendon" <
To: <

Medell?n, October 10/2002/

Dear Al,

The Argentine poet Juan Gelman has readers throughout the world who admire his work and who have witnessed his extraordinary, humane efforts on a personal and collective level to obtain information that will
clarify the fate of those who disappeared in the Southern Cone countries during the period of the military dictatorships. Two years ago, his battle to achieve justice with regard to their names, their works and their lives
resulted in the recovery of his granddaughter, who was ripped from the arms of her mother, Mar?a Claudia Garc?a Irureta Goyena de Gelman, just days after she was born in 1976 by the criminals who were engaged in
carrying out the infamous Condor Plan. 

Despite the happy news concerning the appearance of his granddaughter, which was in part the result of an international campaign supported by poets, writers and intellectuals from more than 100 countries, the
whereabouts of Gelman's daughter-in-law are still unknown. 

The time has come to begin a new international campaign with writers, poets, artists and friends from all over the world to get Dr. Jorge Batlle Ib??ez, President of Uruguay, to respond to Juan Gelman's just and
insistent question. 

We invite you to sign the attached letter to express your solidarity with this cause and then to circulate this letter electronically among your friends until we achieve the justice we seek.

With fraternal greetings,

Fernando Rend?n
Tobias Burghardt 

Medell?n (Colombia) and Stuttgart (Germany), October 9, 2002.

Mr. President: 

The majority of the poets, writers and artists who have signed this letter below have already had the honor of communicating with you on March 21, 2000 to ask you to support the efforts of Juan Gelman to find his
granddaughter and reveal the fate of his daughter-in-law Mar?a Claudia Garc?a Irureta Goyena de Gelman, who disappeared in Uruguay. The first concern has been resolved and you should be commended for confirming it. Nevertheless, despite the fact that more than 2 " years have passed, we still have not received an answer to our request that the fate of Mar?a Claudia be thoroughly investigated.

We reiterate our urgent and total support of the need to clarify the whereabouts of Mar?a Claudia and to find her remains so that she can be buried with human dignity. Each and every person who disappeared
wanders through the void and seeks a place to rest in peace. No one can deny any human being this inalienable right. Mr. President, it is your honorable duty and within your power to facilitate all the knowledge at
your disposal to reaffirm this right with conviction. As you know, Mar?a Claudia is the daughter-in-law of the celebrated Argentine poet Juan Gelman, one of the greatest contemporary writers in the Spanish

The infamous case of Mar?a Claudia has achieved international notoriety: in August, 1976, she was kidnapped in Buenos Aires with her husband Marcelo Ariel Gelman by the Argentine military dictatorship. In October of
that year, 8 " months pregnant, she was taken to Montevideo by the Uruguayan military and imprisoned in a clandestine detention center in a building used by the Service of Defense Information (known by its
acronym in Spanish SID) in Montevideo. At the beginning of 1977, after her baby was stolen from her, she was murdered by an identified member of the Metropolitan Police of Uruguay.

Mr. President, we know that in your capacity as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Uruguay you are permitted by the Constitution to ascertain what some members of the military and police of your country
have been desperately trying to hide for more than " of a century. Above all, we are familiar with your honorable family antecedents and your concern with regard to closing the wounds in Uruguayan society that
remain open. Again, we respectfully appeal to you follow through on our petition so that the remains of Juan Gelman's daughter-in-law, who disappeared in your country, can be given a civilized burial.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow form a single body: the body of men and women throughout the centuries. Art and poetry are proof of this fundamental ideal. For this reason, we, poets and writers from all over the
world, hope that you, Mr. President, do whatever is necessary to accomplish what we are asking of you.

We await your reply, Mr. President, and send you our respect and best wishes.

We, the undersigned, affirm our support for this petition: 

Mar?a Rosa Lojo, poet; Mario Sampaolessi, poet; Susana Cella, poet and narrator; Daniel Freidemberg, poet; Daniel Samoilovich, poet and director of the Diario de Poes?a; C'sar Bisso, poet; Alejandro Schmidt, poet;
Manuel Ruano, poet and director of the poetry magazine Quevedo; Daniel Chirom, poet and editor; Rogelio Ramos Signes, writer; Ketty Alejandrina Lis, poet; Mirta Rosemberg, poet and translator; Leopoldo Castilla, poet; Kato Molinari, poet; Jorge Ariel Madrazo, poet and journalist; Reynaldo Sietecase, poet; Florencia Abbate, poet y essayist; Oscar A. Ag?, poet; Tulio Galantini and Liliana Campazzo, Society of Poets of the End of the World; Carlos Barbarito, poet; Javier C?freces, poet-editor; H?ctor A. Piccoli, poet, translator and university teacher (Argentina); Corall Hull, poet; Lauren Williams, poet; Dorothy Porter, poet (Australia); Bernhard Widder, poet and translator (Austria); Aminur Rahman, poet, writer and critic (Bangladesh); Ferreira Gullar, poet and university teacher; Cl?udia Ahimsa, poet; Anibal Be?a, poet and compositor; Humberto Mello, poet and director of The International Poetry Festival of Rio de Janeiro; Gloria Rodriguez, translator; Moacir Werneck de Castro, journalist and writer; Jair Krischke, activist for the human rights and president of the Movement of Justice ans Human Rigths (Brazil); Paul Dakey?, poet and editor (Cameroon); Louise Warren, poet (Canada); Vito Apshana, poet "Wayuu Nation-; Guillermo Gonz?lez Uribe, writer and director of the magazine N?mero; William Ospina, poet and essayist; Renata Dur?n, poet and writer; Gabriel Jaime Franco, poet; Javier Naranjo, poet; Rafael Pati?o, poet; Jairo Guzm?n, poet; Luis Eduardo Rend?n, poet; Gloria Chvatal, painter; Rafael Quiroz, painter; Maruja Vieira, poet; Nicol's Suesc?n, poet and translator; Gabriel Jaime Caro, poet and editor; Neftal? Sandoval, poet and writer; Federico D?az Granados, poet; Carlos Jim?nez, writer and university teacher; Winston Morales, poet; Melina Pezzotti Escobar, poet; Laureano Alba, poet; Nelson Romero, poet; Mar?a Eugenia V?zquez Perdomo, writer; Piedad Bonnett, writer; Gloria Guardia de Alfaro, writer; Yorlady Ruiz L?pez, poet (Colombia), Osvaldo Sauma, poet; Luis Chaves, poet and editor; Ricardo Ulloa Garay, poet (Costa Rica); Roberto Fern?ndez Retamar, poet and essayist; Pablo Armando Fern?ndez, poet and writer; Nancy Morej?n, poet and essayist; Norberto Codina, poet and editor; Reina Mar?a Rodr?guez, poet and writer; Luisa Campuzano, critic and editor; Luis Toledo Sande, essayist and critic; Jorge Fornet, essayist and critic; Lesbia Vent Dumois, painter; Vivian Mart?nez Tabares, actress and essayist; Arturo Arango, writer; Rogelio Rodr?guez Coronel, essayist and literary critic; V?ctor Rodr?guez N??ez, poet and university teacher; Alex Fleites, poet; Isabel Espinosa, composer; Reynaldo Garc?a Blanco, poet; Jos? Kozer, poet; Julio Travieso Serrano, writer; Efra?n Rodr?guez Santana, poet (Cuba); Abdourahman A. Waberi, writer (Djibouti); Volodia Teitelboim, writer; Elikura Chihuailaf, poet "Mapuche Nation-; Eduardo
Llanos, poet; Omar Lara, poet, translator and co-director of the magazine Trilce; Mauricio Otero, poet; Sergio Mansilla Torres, poet, teacher of Literature; Sergio Badilla Castillo, poet, university teacher; Alonso Az?car Avenda?o, university teacher; Josefa Ruiz-Tagle Espinosa; Cecilia Vald's, poet (Chile); Cai Tian Xin, poet (China); Federico Hern?ndez Aguilar, poet and writer; Otoniel Guevara, poet and editor; Mario Noel Rodr?guez, poet and cultural promoter; Nora Mendez, poet singer and author (El Salvador); Antonio Colinas, poet; Luis Garc?a Montero, poet; Manuel Moya, poet; Mar?a Novo, poet plastic artist; Manuela Temporelli, Coordinator and director of the Tertulia Po'tica del Ateneo 1? de Mayo de Madrid; Florencia Abbate, poet and essayist; Antonio Miravent Mart?n, Conceal Spokesman of the United Left in Ayamonte "Huelva-; Jes's Ruiper?z Garc?a, architect; Carlos Piera, poet; "ngel Campos P?mpano, poet and translator; Enrique Falc?n, poet; Juan Pastor, poet and editor; V?ctor M. Diaz, poet; Jorge Riechman, poet and social investigator; Juan Carlos Mestre, poet; Sergio Infante, writer and university teacher; Mariano Peyrou, poet; Jos? Mar?a G?mez Valero, poet and writer; Antonio M?ndez Rubio, university teacher; David Eloy Rodr?guez, poet and writer; Malika Embarek L?pez, translator; Os?as Stutman, poet and scientific; Jos? Albelda, painter, essayist and university teacher; Martha Vi?als, tapestry; Jos? Vi?als, poet; Jos? A. S?nchez, university teacher; Manuel Rico, writer and critic; Dionisio Ca?as, poet; Mireia Pol, writer; Francisco Plata, poet; Virgilio Tortosa; Antonio Mart?nez Peris; David Mart?nez Peris; Ra?l Mart?nez Peris; Sergio Mart?nez Peris; Salvador Rosell Crespo; Juan Diego Gonz?lez Mu?oz; Enrique P'rez Tom's; Alejandro Garros De Vicente; Gabriel Vi?als Guzm?n; Mar?a "ngeles Maeso, poet; Luis Gonz?lez-Adalid, editor; Pedro J. de la Pe?a, poet; Antonio Porpetta, poet; Ricardo Bellveser, poet; J. L. Rodr?guez Garc?a, writer and university teacher; Andolin Eguzkitza, poet; Mada Alderete Vincent, poet, journalist and teacher; Oscar Carpintero, university teacher; Francisco Jos? Cruz, writer; Ferr?n Fern?ndez, poet, university teacher and editor; Concha Garc?a, poet (Spain); Eira Stenberg, poet; Jukka Koskelainen, poet (Finland); Christian Salmon, Executive Director of the International Writers Parliament; Nicole Laurent-Catrice, poet and organizer of the International Poetry Festival Tomb's de la Nuit in Brittany; B?n?dicte Brusset, organizer of the International Itinerary Poetry Festival of Africa (France); Esther Dischereit, poet (Germany); Ersi Sotiropoulos, poet (Greece); Francisco Morales Santos, poet, (Guatemala); Gabriel Rosenstock, poet (Ireland); P'ter K?ntor, poet and translator (Hungary); Birgitta Jonsd'ttir, poet (Island); Shlomo Avayou, poet, translator and writer; Margalit Matitiahu, poet and general secretary of the Writer Association of Israel (Israel); Claudio Pozzani, poet and director of the International Poetry Festival of Geneva; Humberto Mangani, poet, Director of the International Poetry Festival of Sidaja, Trieste (Italy); Taijin Tendo, poet (Japan); Margaret Randall, poet (United States); Jean Portante, poet (Luxemburg); Hassan El-Ouazzani, poet (Morocco); Homero Aridjis, poet and novelist, president of the International PEN; Alejandro Aura, poet, writer and playwright; Natalia Toledo, poet "Zapoteca Nation-; Elsa Cross, poet; Lina Zer?n, poet; Luis Cort's Bargall?, writer; Leticia Huijara, writer;
Julieta Egurrola, writer; Jes's Ochoa, writer; Eugenia Le?ero, writer; Germaine G?mez Haro, writer; Ver?nica Loera, writer; Mar?a Eugenia Hern?ndez, writer; Irma Villase?or Salto, writer; Jos? Alfredo Pineda, writer; Mar?a Luisa M?rt?nez Passarge, writer; Mar?a V?zquez Valdez; writer; Enzia Verducchi, writer; David Huerta, poet; Ver?nica Murgu?a, writer; Juan Villoro, writer; Felipe Eherenberg, painter; Silvia Pratt, writer; Arnoldo Kraus, writer; Marcela S?nchez Mota, writer; Eduardo Hurtado; Jos? Vicente Anaya, writer; Margarito Cuellar, poet; H?ctor Carreto, writer; Eduardo Langagne, writer; Francisco Mart?nez Negrete, writer; Fabio Mor?bito, writer; Jos? "ngel Leyva, writer; Juli?n Herbert, writer; Eugenia Echeverr?a, writer; Carlos Garc?a Tort, writer; Alicia Garc?a Verruga, writer; Ana Garc?a Verruga, writer; Mar?a Eugenia Aguilar, writer; Ernesto Camou Healy, writer; Erika Doring, writer; Jorge Fuentes Mor?a, writer; Guillermo Michel, writer; Ver?nica Volkow, poet; Guadalupe Angeles, writer; Myriam Moscona, poet and journalist (Mexico); Branislav Prelevich, poet and translator (Montenegro); Hans C. Ten Berge, poet (Netherlands); Ernesto Cardenal, poet; Ana Quiros, writer; Angela Saballos, writer; Vidaluz Meneses, poet; Claribel Alegr?a, poet; Isolda Hurtado, writer; Fernando A. Silva, writer; Luis Marina Acosta, writer; Martha Isabel Cranshaw, writer; Mar?a Isabel Arg?ello Mart?nez (Nicaragua); Pablo Menacho, poet; Consuelo Tom's, poet; Alexander Zanches, poet; Carlos Wynter Melo, writer (Panama); Susy Delgado, poet and cultural journalist (Paraguay); Arturo Corcuera, poet; Carlos L?pez de Gregori, poet; Renato Sandoval, poet; Jos? Miguel Oviedo, poet (Peru);
Casimiro de Brito, poet and President of the Pen Club, Rosa Alice Branco, poet; In's Pedrosa, writer and journalist; Fernando Pinto do Amaral, poet; Fernando Aguiar, poet; Eduardo Pitta, poet (Portugal); Claire Pye, translator (United Kingdom); Le?n F?lix Batista, poet (Dominican Republic); Petru Cardu, poet and editor, president of the literary comunity of Vraackov; Carolina Ilica, poet, translator and director of the Poetry
Nights in Curtea de Arges; Dimitru M. Ion, poet, translator and editor (Rumania); Peter Shrager, poet (Rumania); Anzhelina Polonskaya (Russia); Dan Taulapapa McMullin (poet, Samoa); Zlatko Krasni, poet and
translator; Moma Dimic, poet and director of the Encounter of Poets in Belgrade (Serbia); Alberto Nessi, poet (Switzerland); Eva Runefelt, poet (Sweden); Mario Benedetti, poet; Eduardo Galeano, writer; Roberto
Mascar?, poet; Luis Bravo, poet; Martha Canfield, poet and university teacher; Sergio Altesor, writer; H?ctor Rosales, poet; Clemente Pad?n, poet and performer; Rafael Courtoisie, poet; Eduardo Mil?n, poet (Uruguay); Juan S?nchez Pel?ez, poet; Mar?a Antonieta Fl'rez, poet; Gonzalo Fragui, poet and editor; Mar?a Ang?lica Le?n, philosopher; Santos L?pez, poet; Arturo Guti?rrez Plaza, poet and essayist; Vladimir Vera, writer; Igor Barreto, poet; Alicia Torres, poet; Yolanda Pantin, poet; Luis Gerardo M?rmol Bosch, poet and university teacher; Carmen Verde Arocha, poet, essayist and administrator of the Poetry House P'rez Bonalde (Venezuela), Al Aronowitz, journalist, publisher and editor of THE BLACKLISTED JOURNALIST (U.S.A.). 

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