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Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:27:47 EDT

Dear Molly Ivans,

I have followed your writings for many years. My beliefs and thoughts are like yours. You have a voice! Please use it more and aggressively! Someone with some kind of written power must speak out!  Can anyone tell what was said during the sixties protest?  Has not what we protested against back then actually transpired? Do Americans forget the past so quickly? Have Americans become so placid that they do not recall? What is happening in America is extremely troubling. You know Texas politics. I lived in New Mexico for 10 years and have many friends from Texas. The politics of Texas has reached far beyond Texas. Many people from California and New Mexico (and Colorado) have fought the Texas incursion (Both politically and personally).

I feel very strongly about the detrimental effect of the Bush family upon the American way of life. This is exactly what we predicted what would happen in the future of America (Capitalism?). Our rights of citizenship are rapidly being taken away. But is this the agenda of the RICH? GOP? Suppress the peons in order to control the masses? To protect the state? (THE RICH)? I have been keenly aware of politics since I was sixteen years old. We now have a very few controlling our media. We are now fed propaganda. I feel that the American politics has been leading to this state ever since they fed money to the educational programs of the fifties; then took it away when they realized that they were creating intelligent people who would question the government. This may sound like a "conspiracy" theory, but is that what "they" say when things are said against them (Government)?

The actions of our present government are scary to me. I am ashamed of the ignorance of the American people. Does anyone read history anymore?

I have been telling myself that I was going to write to you for some time now. I am a fifth-grade teacher in Toledo, Ohio. I grew up here (During the Detroit riots!), but have lived in many different places around the U.S.

I would like my voice to heard, but feel it is muted by big money!

Thanks for letting me vent to you...I feel that you may understand...

                                           Best regards, Dianne LaPlante  ##

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Subject: great story on online
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 20:31:37 EDT

Read that internet piece re: Beatles/Dylan meeting. VERY interesting. I'm trying to teach my kids the deeper meanings in Dylans lyrics and the Beatles connection (the other side of bob dylan).  

Thanks for printing that,
Greg from NJ

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Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 19:19:10 -0400
From: "Herbert M. Bryant Jr."

I'm sorry to hear of your emergency surgery, but am happy you've survived your near death experience to live to tell us about it.

-Herb Bryant  08-02-01.

P.S. -- My apologies for my belated reply, but this message was mistakenly left in my draft e-mail folder.  I hope it finds you in good health.

09-09-02.  -hb.  ##

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Subject: moslems
Date: Sun, 8 Sep 2002 04:50:42 EDT

I am writing from the UK

Last year on 9/11 I was so disgusted that I wanted to kill every moslem I could find I am not a big fan of "the American Way" and all that and in the 60s I would have supported Ché Guevara and also the Viet Cong

However Bin Laden and his "co-religionists" are just scum. Dark ages mentality. We in the West are far too tolerant of this religion because of the fact that we have let too many of the people in, as immigrants and are now afraid of them. The western civilisation is secular, religion is up to an individual not the state, this was sorted out in the European wars of religion back in the C16th--- the "liberal" Moslem-appeasers would have us go back to before then by even entering the debate on the moslem murderers own ground. Moslems consider western notions of freedom and liberty as weakness and as a vacuum to be filled. History proves otherwise. Free people fight better than slaves---from Ancient Athens to World War 2 this has always been the case. Moslems treat women like shit, have no respect for animals or nature and kill homosexuals.

I would like the Israelis to over-run Saudi blow up Mecca and Medina Holy Sights and then get the Hindus and Buddists to build a temple on each site. I would also like to see the moslem world get shafted not by the West which it has decided is the enemy but from India or China. Oh what a joy that would

Be to see the look of suprise on the faces of the adherents this dire religion---not US troops in Mecca but guess what the rest of the world hates them too!

rest assured I will continue to hate this religion  ##

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Subject: out of the w.w.woods - back on the beach with new email address
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 00:14:41

From: jan pankow <>

hello dear friends / welcome new readers!

quite a while since my last message about the literary renaissance at, i know!!

what happened? literally got LOST in the World Wide Woods: lost loads of early work/drafts when my vehicle crashed. Couldn't get it fixed before summer holidays, by that time i needed a fix too (had a great time with Conny & kids in Belgium/France/Spain---that too went different than expected, still wonderful) and so i missed deadline to update my 'hetnet' server account.

retrieved my imagebank there and 'hetnet' are still trying to find a way to open and/or forward my mailbox, several weeks passed so i fear all mail from mid-July got lost too: PLEASE CHECK YOUR 'SENT' BOX AND FORWARD PERSONAL / PRO. MAIL TO THIS NEW ADDRESS: thank you very much!

meanwhile, we're close to 1000 visitors at, there's a netstat button at the footer of the spot if you're interested in statistics. i'm happy with these results, given the fact that i thought WWW stood for Weed/Wine/Whiskey (or Women) back in January!

in the past few weeks i've been working on a new template, now installed---better routing, crisp layout, neat links to your sites (or soon to be re-installed) and related sites of interest. again, Watch it come alive..., there's neat stuff to follow---hopefully soon

look forward to reading/posting your back -> current messages!

stay tuned - jan pankow

just drop your: release list - reviews - events - tour data - other matter you desire to share @:  subject heading: blogthis, jan! and i will push it further. (or notify you in the rare case of rejection). constantly under construction with a rapid growth of contributors, so:

       watch it come alive with movement....  ##

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Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 13:08:21 -0400
From: "Charles Plymell" <>
To: <>

Yeah, well why do you think they dropped the Okla. City /Iraq connection when people witness John Doe as the terrorist they recently caught. Too much monkey business and it's all over guns dope and oil.  ##

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Subject: Spin Doctor, Spin a Tale of War
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 20:47:23 -0400
From: Gary Stonecipher <>
Organization: A Natural Bohemian Philosopher

Spin Doctor, Spin a Tale of War

A spin doctor doctors the spin till a web
A mirthful bombastic rant of empty words
The cognitive process of supposing,
that it is a clear definite possibility; maybe

Saddam Hussein, how sane is sane?!
The Great American hunter Elmer Fud,
has vowed your d-de-de-demise
Once the hunter, now prey of the hunt

King George the First stayed him in his hole
King George the Second needs to best Dad
No matter the cost of life, liberty or appendage
King George the Third must truly be amused

All of the people of Iraq, wish the head dead
One for all, and all want to get the one
One oppressor against so many oppressed
Still he lives, so what is the secret of his success

A limbless scaly elongated serpent of wickedness
One man against one world, and still he lives
He taunts the hunter, just like the Rabbit
Flaunting his success, as you see he still lives

Damn, The Bush's have gotta be pissed  


Gary Stonecipher
311 Second Street
Liverpool, NY 13088-4931
(315) 491- 3119  ##

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From: "Trevor Irvin"
Subject: Mr. Aronowititz from Berkeley Heights NJ
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 2002 14:57:21 -0400

Mr. Aronowitz,

A friend sent me the link to your article "Lets 'ave a larf".

My name is Trevor Irvin; I lived 4 doors down from your family in the 60's when you lived in Berkeley Heights. I was pretty small back then, but I do remember playing with your son Joel and I remember your office (in your house) was totally off limits to us kids. Joel had some younger siblings, a sister and brother I think, but I can't dredge up any names any more.

After you had moved from Berkeley Heights your family had become, sort of mythic with us young 60's rock and roll kids. There were many stories of rock bands coming to your house and Sue Vecchio who said she had baby-sat for you told us Dylan had called looking for you one evening. You can imagine the stories and rumors that floated around, because no one else's parents in Berkeley Heights had rock'n'roll going at their houses. I remember your next door neighbor Mrs. Fawcett complaining about the rock music coming from your house one day. the rumor was it was the Stones. As you said in your article, Berkeley Heights was a Mecca for innocent middle class nerds. (Although as I grew up I don't think of Berkeley Heights as an innocent place. in fact it was a horrible place).

Throughout the years I have had very little contact with Berkeley Heights, New Jersey or even New York but occasionally your name pops up in my circles and I share what I know with them. for instance while I worked at the newspaper the Atlanta Constitution in Atlanta (I'm an illustrator) I became good friends with a writer Steve Dougherty who now works at "People" as their rock writer. We spent many years terrorizing the Atlanta bar scene and late one evening he told me that one of the writers he really loved as a kid was a guy named Al Aronowitz. Well I told him I not only knew of you but I had lived four doors down from the legendary rock writer. it's a small world!

I saw a short clip of you being interviewed for the PBS rock documentary and I touched base through the magic of the internet with Ricky O'Regan who was your next door neighbor and he told me Joel was a photographer living in NYC. So even after all these years. Briarwood Drive West still drifts into my life from time to time.

Although I have no real reason for writing this letter I would like to ask you one question.

Many years ago I read an obit in some paper about the death of your wife. I remember thinking she was pretty young to have died and although late, I send my condolences. I only remember that she was small, quiet and if I remember correctly (which I probably don't) blond. I think the article said that she had been driving in Bob Dylan's car on a long drive from someplace and he ended up writing a song about her called "Al's Wife". Is this correct? I have looked all over the place and have never located this song. If this song exists, I would like to know where I might find the words and I would like to listen to it if it has been recorded. If you could find a moment to answer this question I would appreciate it.

I hope this finds you well, and hope you find many more outlets for your work.

Much luck to you and your family,


Trevor Irvin  

Trevor Stone Irvin
330 Southerland Terrace
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
Tel:  404 377 4754
Fax: 404 371 1891
Web:  ##

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