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Subject: Morris "Red" Rudensky
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 12:33:31 -0500
From: "Wiener, Paul" <>
To: "'''" <>

Thank you for the fine and fun article about Red.  Did you ever read his autobiography-- "The Gonif"?  It's an excellent book, and really would make a terrific movie, as nearly anyone who reads it says.  There are many many fascinating incidents and aspects of Red's book.  One of the remarkable aspects is his accounting of the works and personality of Charlie Ward-- a remarkable man in his own right, who apparently was a gun-runner for Pancho Villa, and wound up the President of Brown and Bigelow Company, and the reformer of perhaps hundreds of career criminals-- through the force of his own personality, and his provision to the criminals of decent jobs.  Charlie had a theory that career criminals became that, only because they had such low self-esteem or self-image that they never even considered that they could "make it" in the straight world.

But Red also was a vitally important mentor and father-figure for a very close friend of mine whose own father died when he was about thirteen years old.  Red took my friend under his wing, and helped put him through graduate school.  Red helped many people and charities.  My friend never knew about Red's criminal past; Red never told him.  We only discovered that by such strange chance, as I found Red's book in my father-in-laws attic stuff, and got totally taken up by it, and recommended it to my friend for him to read.  He was stunned about it, and stunned again when I located Red still alive, in a nursing home in St. Paul---that was about 1984.  Red died in about 1985 or 1986.  

Paul H. Wiener, Ph.D.
Program Evaluation Coordinator

Family and Children's Services Division
Minnesota Department of Human Services

(651) 296-5983  ##  

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Subject: hello from Peter in Eugene
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 12:39:03 -0400
To: <>  

Howdy to you my well traveled and versed blacklisted journalist!!! This is Peter in Eugene Oregon. (at this point)  Have been a musician for 39 years,,,being born in 47. Played over on the east coast back at the end of the 60's, beginning of the 70's, in a band called Cowboy on Capricorn label,,,(Allman Bros, us and a few others), anyway, lived in California (Topanga Canyon) for 16 years,,,and jammed with a bunch of good people out there, and in Florida before I got to California,,,(quick jumbled history cause I don't want to bore you with it's entirety)  anyway, was back in Florida for the past few years playing some band but mostly single gigs, and built a studio,  moved out here when it was time,,brought studio with me,,,got a partner in a music business,,but my heart is still in playing my own stuff and also accompanying people,,,Dylan was probably one of my biggest if not the biggest influence on me,,of course still love hime and his music,,oh,,I lived in New Jersey for a while too, near some of my music writin friends,,in Boonton,,a small town near Rockaway,,,Morristown,,Parsippany,,,you know round there,,,,Am starting this music business as I said before,,learning the business is not as much fun as playing 'the music,,,but the partner I have knows it pretty darn well so I can learn from him,,, most of me just wants to get out and play again,,maybe even as a sideman for someone good,,someone I really admire and love the music hopefully,,,would have to be someone like that,,,have played this git fiddle for 39 years,,have jammed with some of the Tom Petty people,  Eagles people,,(don felder, Bernie leadon), some of the Little Feat people, (Fred Tackett) ,played a bit with Billy Joels drummer, Liberty DeVito,,,I don't know and some chance meetings with Donovan and John Sebastian when I first got into California way back in 72 or 73.  Went to Donovans house out in Joshua Tree with my girlfriend whose girlfriend was nannying Dons children,,,so I was hanging out with them all on halloween with Donovans kid from Linda? I believe was her name,,just either recently divorced from Brian Jones or maybe Brian had died by then,,,don't know,, but the son of Brian and her was there with them,,,and he looked exactly like Brian,,,,the whole time wewere visiting Brian Jr. was out on his small dirt bike just racing all around the place,,,it was very interesting,,,and since it was halloween,,,Donovan and all his band members were all dressed up as this or that,,I remember Donovan was dressed up as a woman of some sort,,,he was a very cordial and extremely nice person to me and probably to everyone,,,when they started playing a bit I asked could I jam with them and no problem so that was cool I got my acoustic and joined in,,,anyway,,since you are a storyteller I thought I would relate a bit of one to ya,,,   Do ya ever talk to Bob anymore?   I never did get to meet up with him (not yet),,,always wanted to play guitar for him as I feel I would click well with him,,,him I would tour with,,(if he chose me),,,would definitely travel to meet him and play for him ,,,trying to get this music business here set up and running so I can go back to doing nothing but music,,,writing and producing my own and possibly touring,,,wanna get out there again and mix and mingle with all the folks I love and admire so much,,,even tho a bit older,,,I feel wiser and more grounded that ever,,(lol) I guess all those years of experience really DO help us get smarter,,,  Well,,,I hope you actually get to read this,,and please if you have time feel free to e-mail back to me,,,I picked up your site on the Bob Dylan site,,,and read a couple articles,, will probably go back and read some more at some point,,,,enjoyed the true stories, and wonder what you are up to now?  Of course I HAD to check out your site when you called yourself the blacklisted journalist!(lol)    OK ending for now,,,,if you read, thanks for reading,,,,sincerely,,,love peace and all that good stuff fer sure,,,Peter Kowalke

PS we have a live recording of the David Nelson Band,,,(used to play with Jerry Garcia in the earlier days, and in New Riders of the Purple Sage etc)  and has had his own band \for a while,,,a bit similar to the Dead but very much their own,,,anyway,,we got a good live recording we are working on mixing and will at some point shop with David's blessings it's nice stuff,,,some old stuff and some new,,,with some nice jam stuff in the middle,,, anyway,,,i guess nuff for now,,,,thanks,,,

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Subject: hi from sactown
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 01:24:21 EDT

Sactown is Sacramento Calif....I came upon your page during the Lewinsky thing.  I was looking at the article I saved to disk and going over it thought would click to your site.  You sure have a lot to read.  Interesting works re the Beats.  Have you ever heared of Michael Bowen the artist? If you were on the Left Coast in the Haight in the 60's you might remember the Human Be In.  Bowen, Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin, et al were there.  If you go to  and go to people there is a page about Bowen.  

Also, I think originially I found your site because I was looking for Al Weberman's site.  You know he was one of the guys who brought out the "Tramp" story re JFK assassination.  Also wrote book "Coup D Etat in America."  His site is nowhere and people who I think knew him or about him who I have emailed have not responded.  I would appreciate you responding and let me know what you know of Weberaman.  He had many pages and some very useful including the speech Oswald made at a certain college.  Maybe why he pulled the site (or pulled for him).  I had just gotten a computer for home when the site went away and was never able to copy the site to disk.  Really like to know how I could find it or at least get a copy/cd of his material.

zoltan de burgh.

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Subject: Re: material for everyday beat?
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 08:47:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: "greg beaver-seitz" <>

Thanks a million.   With your permission (and strictly following the three guidelines for web republishing that you mentioned) I think I will use an excerpt from Column Thirty-Five, July 1, 1998, 'CHAPTER FOURTEEN: THE DHARMA BUM', your profile of Gary Snyder, in my next issue of 'everyday beat.'  I'll certainly let you know when I have it online and once again, thanks for letting me use and thanks for a site full of captivating writing.  

Greg  ##

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Subject: Up All Night Music Magazine
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 17:19:52

From: Phil Taylor <>
To: <>

Hi Al

My name is Phil Taylor and I'm a great friend of LACH and the antifolk scene in NY. I run a similar set of venues and live music events in London. We have a web site at and you are already on our mailing list.

We are going to launch a free magazine in London in September. We have distribution and advertising (to pay for the print run of 20.000 copies per month) and wondered if you and your great news letter chums would like to have a regular feature about what ever you want. We have no money to pay you but we will advertise you and any cause or website you want.

The magazine will feature off the wall stories about the darker side of the streets, music reviews, interviews and features by underground creative writers. If you talk to LACH at the Sidewalk Cafe, he will tell you any thing you may want to know about me and you should be able to get the ethos of my organisation from my web site.

Above all it would be a great honour to have you in one of our issues. No one has run a fanzine in London since the 70's. As I say we will be producing 20,000 copies and giving them away. It's a platform that we want people like you to take advantage of!

Thanks for your time

Phil Taylor  ##  

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Subject: Greens and Wellstone
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 15:27:30 -0500
From: "Susan Buchannan" <>

You have the Green Party all wrong. They had to place a candidate on the ballot, so they picked an unknown, elderly, rural, conservative veteran, maybe the only Green in America guaranteed to take more votes away from the Republican.

They couldn't leave the ballot line open, or else a Republican agent could run a campaign to take votes from Wellstone, or a Neo-Nazi could become the Green candidate and embarrass everyone.

Why couldn't they just endorse Wellstone? Because it's against the law " the Greens and others in Minnesota have tried to fight this in the past, took their case to the U.S. Supreme Court, and lost.

So what did they do? They conspired to create a campaign guaranteed to protect their ballot line while doing the least amount of harm to Wellstone. McGaa hasn't even raised the $5,000 to register with the FEC -- he doesn't want to.

Sure, if you ask Greens they'll say Ed McGaa is in favor of many Green things and that Wellstone has disappointed them in some ways, and that's true. But they're not saying they're trying to make Wellstone lose. Hell, Green leaders like former Minneapolis City Council member Jim Niland are running Wellstone's campaign!

He's barely trying. Think about it -- they could have run big names like Winona LaDuke, or a Green City Council member (they have two in Minneapolis) or a well-known Green-leaning Democrat like gubernatorial contender Becky Lourey. They refused. They're not stupid.

Susan Buchannan

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Subject: Re: Greens and Wellstone
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 13:18:42 -0400
From: al aronowitz <>
To: Susan Buchannan <>


I find that a lame explanation. The Greens run a candidate to take away votes from the G.O.P. candidate? Bullshit! The Greens won't even admit they were instrumental in installing a right-wing government in this country. They deny they diverted votes from Gore but say now they're going to divert votes from Wellstone's opponent? What crap! Frankly I suspect there's a deep right wing mole in the Green hierarchy helping set the party line. And I'm sure the G.O.P. helped fund Nader's campaign. The Repubs knew they couldn't win except by playing dirty and they suckered a lot of young idealistic kid with their heads up their asses to fall for their tricks. Young idealistic kids who got sold a bill of goods that Clinton-Gore weren't left enough for them. This country is the only one in the world to have every known species of mankind in it, all tugging its center toward all directions. Do the Greens actually think they can tug the country to the left? Being tugged in all directions, this country will always stay in the center, except when the right wing pulls the kind of coup that it pulled---with the help of the unwitting Greens.

Best, Al Aronowitz

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