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Electronic Poetry Center: Robert Creeley

Robert Creeley is without a doubt one of the great modern American poets.  To pass up this site, putting it mildly, would be a mistake.  His poems are usually short and seem simple at first glance – but then again, if you believe this, you obviously have missed the whole point behind the style and syntactical technique of Creeley.  There is always much more to Creeley’s poems…much more!  The reader is never quite sure where he stands.  Sometimes surrounded by ambiguity and dark doors, or at others wandering into the purely abstract thought of the ego, or left to figure out the problematic structure of language; the reader usually finds himself alone in a dark labyrinth scratching his head.  Reading Creeley is like having an epiphany one doesn’t quite understand.  Quite simply, he’s brilliant.  Go read him!  Here you’ll find interviews, audio and video clips, lots of writings, poems and a paper trail of links scattered wide across the Internet.



Featuring poets, artists, composers and essayists, Nectarzine is unique in the fact that it combines the elements of music, painting and the written word to give a dynamic effect to the facets of culture and art.  Sort of a jazzy, contemporary abstract theme, yet there seems to be room for a variety of styles here.   Submission guidelines are included.


Clickable Poems

The evolution of poetry is not dead!  The idea here is that poetry in a technological format allows for the reader to interact in new ways with the poem.  Which in certain ways is actually pretty cool because in the tradition (if you can call it that) of postmodernist thought, the idea challenges all the old notions of formalist poetry.  I must admit that I did have a lot of fun clicking the hypertext within the poems.  In one of the poems I created an earthquake on my computer screen.  Not to be overlooked, there is a pretty detailed history denoting the evolution of poetry going back to the time before Homer.  Genius or postmodern pop culture?  You decide!



Billed as “a writers cookbook,” although I’m not specifically sure what that even means, there are some very interesting articles here.  Worth checking out, I caught myself raising an eyebrow at the majority of articles presented in this Zine.  Get a different perspective on a wide range of topics from angst, romance and the technique of writing to screenplays, newspapers and humor. 


The Celebrity Café

For more than ten years now Dominick A. Miserandino has been compiling his list of intriguing interviews done with many notable musicians, authors, actors and actresses.  If you have a favorite celebrity that you would like to learn more about via the interview, then please visit the celebrity café.  Other fun and interesting features included on this site are contests, random quotes, surveys/polls and trivia.


Ink 19

Music, media, film, animation, books, columns and thought – a great Zine that fills you in with all that is circulating in hip, underground culture.  If you are looking for a review of an obscure band or independent film, you should have no problem finding it here.


Disquieting Muses

Here is another online forum that mixes the splendors of poetry and art, which is done in a quite charming fashion.  The page is set up very nicely.  Less being more, this page proves the extent of simplicity.  Included are guidelines for those poets and artists wishing to submit their work.  Disquieting Muses is a quarterly publication.


Paintings by Ed Adler

This is Painter Ed Adler’s webpage where you can not only view his work, but also gain a perspective on the man whose hand controls the brush.  Spurned by an interest in folk and tribal art, visit Ed’s site and checkout some very beautiful work.  Contact information is also available.



The Magazine Rack

Here is a distinct and concise site offering a compendium of magazines for the perusal of politics and opinion.  And best of all, it’s free!  Also featured is a list of journalists and their columns.  Aside from politics, this site also offers a wide array of magazines ranging from sports, arts, computers, entertainment and much more…better than any single magazine subscription.


Bush Watch

For those of you who are feeling a bit shaky with George W. in the White House, here is a site that keeps an eye on the 43rd President of the United States of America.  From missile defense to tax cuts and social security, find out the latest headline news involving W.



Vapour Trails

Any site that is dedicated to the hip gan, Lord Buckley himself, has to have some sort of merit, right?  Well, you decide.  I think you’ll like this one, though.  Here is a site that offers a collection of artists and their venues reviewed from around the world in distinct, little cut of the edge bars and other out of the way places.  For all of those who still thrive in finding some cool venue with character and atmosphere, as compared to those overly repetitious haunts, you are sure to like this one.


Bob Dylan – Friends Along The Way

Not a treasure chest for the person looking for Dylan music, but an interesting site none the less.  This site features a list of the people Bob Dylan has either known, influenced or who have had some sort of impact on his life.


Hari Scruffs

A biographical timeline featuring George Harrison.  Some pretty in depth content for the rabid Harrison fan.  Also checkout the chronology link on the same page. 

Could really come in handy if you needed to know the historical context or date of anything related Harrison.


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