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Subject: here's a little ditty you can all join in on...
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 16:12:48 -0500
From: Citizen Kafka

Hi, internet correspondents,

It's been quite a while since there's been such an appropriate time and place for a little old-fashioned song parody. Or is the word satire?

Have a healthy, peaceful, prosperous New Year!

Citizen Kafka


Drop the Bomb

to the tune of 'she'll be Coming Round the Mountain?

Lyrics " 2003 Citizen Kafka
permission granted to distribute via e-mail, reprint, perform, and record. Just let me know, please!  

Oh the lefties whine about it, drop the bomb,
Commies claim they are without it, drop the bomb,
They may think that they can con us
As they smile while they disarm us
But before they drop one on us, drop the bomb!  

Well I know they scream about me, drop the bomb,
They would love to do without me, drop the bomb,
I will show them who's a winner
As they talk of me at dinner
I can see them getting thinner, drop the bomb!
They may have their milk and honey, drop the bomb,
But they still want goods and money, drop the bomb,
Well it burns me when a border,
Lets a Commie give the order,
We don't even see a quarter- drop the bomb!  

I admit I have a thirst to drop the bomb
In my mind I have rehearsed to drop the bomb,
They may try to do it sooner
But right now the opportuni-
ty has come to be the first to drop the bomb!  

I will show them I'm a man, drop the bomb,
In the only way I can, drop the bomb,
Girls all turn me down for datin?,
All of Islam says I'm Satan,
But I'll prove my manhood great and drop the bomb!  

Yes I'll prove who's bomb is bigger, drop the bomb,
As I pull the final trigger, drop the bomb,
It won't matter then at all

If my family jewels are small
They won't have no jewels at all, drop the bomb!  ##

* * *


Subject: Re: Phil Spector
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 10:13:20 -0800
From: "melo d" <>


rf = radio frequency. "crackpots" have been associating it with covert mind control weapons for years. I have to wonder about the human effects from the huge build up of rf saturating an ever widening freq spectrum all around us from satellite radio to palmtop peripherals...

G.  ##

* * *


Subject: Fw: Lay off Michael Jackson
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 11:26:55 -0800
From: "reg hartt"

I watched the Michael Jackson documentary last night. I have never been a follower of his music. I have watched with dismay what has been happening around him.

As someone who has been much interviewed by the media I do know that the vast majority of journalists are deficient. When I saw the errors in the first piece that appeared in print on my work I realized how completely unreliable the media is.

If Leonardo Da Vinci were alive today he would be jailed as a pedophile.

The most dramatic moment in the program, for me, was when we discovered that a twelve-year-old boy living with Michael had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. When he got to Jackson he had but six months to live.

We learned that the cancer has gone completely into remission.

Anyway we want to look at this, this is an astounding thing.

From a medical/scientific point of view what happened with that boy was impossible.

From a religious point of view where we accept that the power to heal comes only from God we have to acknowledge that God worked through Michael Jackson. If God had not the boy would be dead.

The most telling moment came when the journalist said, "Michael, you are a forty-four year old man."

"He is four," said the boy.

That boy had more insight, with, common sense and compassion than the host of journalists (including Barbara Walters who has never revealed herself in public as more shallow) combined.

We know that the Jackson family had a childhood unlike the rest of us.

We know that Michael Jackson was singing for thousands when he should have been playing baseball, swimming in streams and doing his best to skip school.

As far as his interior growth is concerned it stopped when he was four.

On top of that he has led a life of tremendous financial success so that he has never had to go without the things that help to shape us into adults.

This is, I believe, one of the reasons why Elizabeth Taylor took him under her arm. She was a child of the same factory that produced Michael.

If, however, Jackson's influence on that boy was destructive and negative the cancer would not have been beaten.

Anyway we want to look at it a miracle happened at Jackson's NEVERLAND.

Miracles come from God.

Lay off Michael Jackson.--Reg Hartt. ##

* * *


Subject: Re: [Fwd: Dean]
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 20:57:55 EST

  today's newspapers don't even cover the crime stories well

  there is case out here

  heir to max factor fortune on trial for rape

  he has one of the premier first amended lawyers who

  knows nothing  of street crime the papers have not picked up on

it--and the heir jumps bail--the papers don't realize what a

  fantastic story--super rich kid---they do not interview anyone who knew him

  dont try to locate him--bad journalism

  I blame the journalism schools like columbia the kids are so fucking

  elitist they cant dig up a story worth shit  ##

* * *


Subject: Ted Kennedy Editorial Re: [TheNewWar] Digest Number 277
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 11:34:57 -0800 (PST)
From: Misterr Noisey

There's a great editorial in the Globe today with Senator Kennedy's byline.   Interesting that when this "New War" group started it was about the war on terror, not some little Hitler in the white house who stole the election and now thinks he can be set for life grabbing oil fields.

I had an interesting conference call yesterday with two rock & roll legends and our Frank Sinatra humor shifted to talk about Bush.  Wouldn't we all feel better if Al Gore was sitting in the white house?

Oh well, my two cents for the day.

Level with us, Mr. President

By Edward Kennedy, 2/8/2003

SECRETARY POWELL has made a convincing case to the United Nations Security Council that Saddam Hussein is a dangerous and deceptive dictator, and is concealing weapons of mass destruction. We live in a dangerous world and Saddam must be disarmed.

The question is, how to do it in a way that minimizes the risks to the American people at home, to our armed forces, and to our allies. Even after Secretary Powell's strong presentation, however, the president must still answer key questions before resorting to war.

The questions are obvious. It is far from clear that war is in our national interest now. Won't war with Iraq divert the administration's attention from more immediate and graver dangers to our security from the Al Qaeda terrorist network and the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula? How much support will we have from the world community? What will be the cost in American lives, especially if the war involves hand-to-hand, door-to-door urban combat in Baghdad?

We will certainly win the war, but how do we win the peace if there are massive civilian casualties, if factional fighting fractures Iraq, if food, water, and medicine are in short supply and millions of Iraqis are displaced from their homes, or if a new wave of terrorism erupts against America as an occupying power, or because of the war itself? What if the war ignites a conflagration that consumes other nations in the Middle East. There is no more important decision by Congress or the president under the Constitution than the decision to send our men and women in uniform to war.

The Administration says we can fight a war in Iraq without undermining our most pressing national security priority---the war against terrorism. But a war in Iraq may strengthen Al Qaeda terrorists, especially if the Muslim world opposes us. We have not broken Osama bin Laden's will to kill Americans. Our nation has just gone on new and higher alert because of the increased overall threat from Al Qaeda. What if Al Qaeda decides to time its next attack for the day we go to war?

War with Iraq could swell the ranks of terrorists and trigger an escalation in terrorist acts.

As General Wesley Clark told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Sept. 23 that a war would ''super-charge recruiting for Al Qaeda.''  

These are real dangers that the administration has minimized or glossed over in its determination to attack Iraq. The administration maintains that there are convincing links between Al Qaeda and Iraq that justify war. There are links. But there are also links to other Middle Eastern countries. Al Qaeda activists are present in more than 60 countries.

Even within the administration, there are skeptics about the links with Iraq. CIA and FBI analysts are clearly questioning whether there is a clear and compelling pattern of links, and are concerned that intelligence is being politicized to justify war.

The UN inspectors have found no evidence so far of a revived nuclear weapons program in Iraq, but there is evidence in North Korea. With inspectors gone and North Korea gone from the Non-Proliferation Treaty, we face an urgent crisis, with nothing to prevent that nation from quickly producing a significant amount of nuclear materials and nuclear weapons for its own use, or for terrorists hostile to America and our allies. Desperate and strapped for cash, North Korea can easily provide nuclear weapons to terrorist groups.

The UN's inspectors fully understand the nature of the repressive and deceitful regime they are dealing with, but they need more time. Why not give it to them? We accomplished more disarmament in Iraq in seven years of inspections than we did during the Gulf War. We are on the verge of war with Iraq because of its weapons of mass destruction. Recently, we learned that the administration is considering even the use of nuclear weapons against Iraq---a reckless prospect that should set off alarm bells everywhere.

Using our nuclear arsenal in this unprecedented war would be the most fateful decision since the nuclear attack on Hiroshima.

It is far from clear that we will be safer by attacking Iraq. In an Oct. 7, 2002 letter to the Senate Committee on Intelligence, CIA Director George Tenet said the probability of Saddam Hussein initiating an attack on the United States was low. But his letter said, ''should Saddam Hussein conclude that a US-led attack could no longer be deterred, he probably would become much less constrained in adopting terrorist actions.''

The administration must be forthcoming about the potential human costs of war with Iraq, especially if it pushes Saddam into unleashing whatever weapons of mass destruction he possesses.

The administration has released no casualty estimates, and they could be extremely high. Many military experts have predicted urban guerrilla warfare---a scenario which retired General Joseph Hoar, who had responsibility for Iraq before the Gulf War, says could look ''like the last 15 minutes of `Saving Private Ryan.''' Nor has the administration been candid about the humanitarian crisis that could result from war. Refugee organizations are desperately trying to prepare for a flood of as many as 900,000 refugees.

Billions of dollars and years of commitment may well be needed to achieve a peaceful postwar Iraq, but the American people still do not know how that process will unfold and who will pay for it.

No war can be successfully waged if it lacks the strong support of the American people. Before pulling the trigger on war, the administration must tell the American people the full story about Iraq. So far, it has not.

Edward M. Kennedy is the senior senator from Massachusetts.  

This story ran on page A15 of the Boston Globe on 2/8/2003.
" Copyright 2003 Globe Newspaper Company.  ##

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