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Dear Al

what can I say?

First of all I hope youre doing fine "?!!!

One of the best latest discoveries on the net is your page, honestly!

Im a big fan of the 60s, the music, the changes in peoples mind..........

Im a big "fan" of yours, it true that you turned dylan on grass"...

Im not sure...Is it you that I can see several times in "Dont look back"?

I love Bob...1966.....(I never found EAT THE DOCUMENT )...

I love to grab deep in history of the 60s

I dont see so much interesting today...Im 24 and for me, theres nothing better than look how other twentysomethings thought and acted (but 35 years ago)

sorry for my fuckin german english

I dont really know whether Its you personally who read this..I wish

Now I have to continue to work

Best wishes and LET'S 'AVE A LARF

-Ben-  ##

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Subject: Sunday, Sept. 27, 1970. A date to live in Infamy
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 13:54:44 -0500
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When it comes to litigation and I hear about an award that seems extravagant, I always remind myself that a jury has heard all the evidence and reached a verdict. I figure they knew what they were doing.  When they find for a plaintiff or the defendant, after being bombarded with the full force of legal teams with unlimited  resources fighting to keep the award as low as possible or as high as possible.

Recently you may have seen some of the news stories about lawyers agreeing that lawsuits stemming from the tragic losses of September 11 are being discouraged. The tone of the articles is that it would almost be un-American to sue the airlines, or sue anyone. A message of Stop the suffering, forget the lawsuits and  (save corporate America from punative damages).

I didn't give it much thought until I read Bob Green's column in the Chicago Tribune a few days ago. He wrote about something Diane M. Kezerle, found while doing research. What he wrote has not been picked up by any other newspapers that I know of. So please pass this along to friends and to your Congressional representatives.

I hope that everyone who suffered a loss on September 11 will read it and take appropriate action by contacting an attorney and setting in motion a lawsuit that will bring to light that corporate scum, whose desire to save a few dollars, cost the lives of thousands of innocent people and precipitated a war. Back in 1970 Richard M. Nixon was President.

The following from Bob Green's column October 17, 2001, Chicago Tribune.

"Diane M. Kezerle, a secretary with the Arthur Andersen accounting firm, was doing some research on a personal project at the Joliet Public Library, near her home. She was going through some microfilmed copies of the Joliet Herald-News---the item she was looking for was in the paper of Sunday, Sept. 27, 1970.

As she was looking at the old film of the newspaper, she noticed another story, near the one she was interested in. The headline of this unrelated story caught her eye:

"Bulletproof Cockpit Doors Asked to Thwart Hijackers."

The story, written by the Copley News Service, had a Washington dateline. Remember, this was 1970. It began:

"Airline pilots have demanded bulletproof cockpit doors and bulkheads to thwart would-be aerial hijackers."

The story reported that Charles Ruby, president of the Airline Pilots Association, had written to the Federal Aviation Administration asking for "action now" to protect passengers and flight crews. He said what was needed were bulletproof partitions separating the cockpits from the cabins, bulletproof doors with electromagnetic locks, bulletproof windows, and a sliding panel in the cockpit doors so pilots could use defensive devices.

The news story said that "almost every incident of air violence has seen a demand to enter the flight deck and to confer with the captain." By making it impossible, or at least extremely difficult, for a hijacker to get into the cockpit, the story quoted the pilots' official as saying, the FAA and the airlines could avoid situations in which violence toward the cockpit crew could lead to tragedy.

As Diane Kezerle read this 31-year-old news story she had stumbled upon, she said, she "was just heartbroken. All that time ago, the pilots knew this was necessary. If the terrorists on Sept. 11 had not been able to gain access to the cockpit, the pilots could have steered those planes away from the buildings, and saved all those lives.

"I don't know why no one acted on these suggestions," Kezerle said. "Was it a matter of economics? Was it a matter of airline safety going out of the news when something else came up? I don't know if anyone has the answers, but 31 years ago, the pilots were telling the government what needed to be done."

The pilots' proposal was quite detailed---right down to the kind of equipment best for communicating with the passenger cabin from behind the locked cockpit door, and the type of hinge pins that should be used on the door for safety reasons. In their letter to the FAA, the pilots said, "the materials required are currently available, lightweight and relatively inexpensive. The technology is available and extensive modification is not necessary."

Kezerle kept looking through the microfilms; she found another story published the same month---Sept. 26, 1970---in which then-Secretary of Transportation John A. Volpe and then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover announced that hundreds of armed FBI and Treasury agents, along with FAA air marshals and trained military personnel, would be riding on U.S. flights to make sure passengers were safe. Volpe said that, in addition to the armed air marshals, "the most important single thing would be preventing a potential hijacker from ever getting on an airplane."

Thirty-one years ago, they apparently knew what was necessary. And yet, 31 Septembers later. . . .

The Airline Pilots Association, in its 1970 letter to the FAA, said that for the protection of passengers, crews and the American public, no halfway measures should be acceptable, and that the U.S. government must be "the international leader in security measures."

Otherwise, the pilots of 1970 said, hijackers could do something to the cockpit crews that would 'mean certain disaster for all aboard the airplane.'"


As I read that column he first thing I thought was how grateful I am that we have libraries. As my signature states, "Libraries are the most powerful weapons we have."

I hope the FAA and the airlines will not be allowed to sweep this information under some rug in an newspaper publisher's office, or the office of some Washington bureaucrat. This calls for a Congressional investigation. And I don't want to see it ignored, like our Congressional representatives ignored the tobacco executives swearing, under oath, that they didn't know tobacco was addictive and we later learned that they were lying---flagrantly lying UNDER OATH. So they all take a walk and it's covered up. Nothing is done. Big money paving the way to silence.

Hopefully not our silence.

Joe Grant  ##

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Subject: Re: thanks bro, I enjoyed the trip ! ;)
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 00:44:46 EDT


Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your articles.

They were very interesting, and brought back a lot of memories of times gone past.

best of luck, & Happy Trails!

John C. ##

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Subject: Eddy Balchowsky
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 16:48:46 -0500
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Loved your stuff on the web about Eddy, especially the poem by Gerald Nicosia. I was privileged to go on a few Chicago alley sketching tours with Eddy and to give him a home for a few months in Chicago.  One of my prized possessions is a sketch he did of me when my pet parakeet landed on my head.  I have many wonderful memories of Eddy, some of them even straight and sober.  In the wonderful web of life I also know Gerald.

He and I had a college class together and we reunited this summer when he was in town pushing his latest book.  I've also met Utah Phillips and Rosalie Sorrels.  I'm surprised I don't know you.

Keep the faith, babe.

Mike  ##

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Subject: Fwd: From ACLU
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:27:05 EDT


Subject: Fwd: From ACLU: Horrible "Anti-Terrorism" Laws Revoke Rights!!!
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 21:57:34 -0700
From: "Thomas Ferranti" <>

Just thought you might like to know - Thomas

Dear all friends,

Our rights as people are about to be torn to shreds by the 'antiterrorism' bill that Congress is about to pass. We MUST do everything we can to stop it, and at least restrict and remove the most dangerous provisions:  

1) A definition of 'domestic terrorism' so broad and vague almost anyone who protests anything could be a target.

2) Arbitrary designation of any group by the Secretary of State, at her/his complete and sole discretion, without judicial oversight, as a terrorist organization, and retroactive application to all donors, members, participants, even attendees of the organization.

3) Search and seizures without judicial approval, without permission or even notification to the individual; and if the individual discovers the search and seizure, the person is prohibited from disclosing this to anyone.

4) Roving voice-activated wiretaps that will cover any conversation made from any phone in the US, without judicial oversight.

5) Indefinite detention of non-US citizens without any cause.

6) Lack of any SUNSET CLAUSE that would allow these "temporary" provisions to expire (in other words, we are PERMANENTLY losing our rights).

Yes, these violate the 1st Amendment (freedom of speech and assembly), 4th Amendment (search and seizure protections), and 14th Amendment (due process and equal protection). Do you think the Supreme Court that handed the election to Bush cares???

We must mobilize RIGHT NOW. Here's what you can do:

1) Forward this message to EVERYONE you know.

2) Ask them to *immediately* CALL their US Senators and US Representative and tell them in no uncertain terms that you do NOT want a totalitarian state, that they should reject the AntiTerrorism bill completely, and at a minimum, vote to eliminate all of the items listed above. *note: Members of Congress have local offices that you can call; go to

Or you can call the US Capitol Switchboard at (202) 2243121 and ask for your senator's or representative's office.

3) Follow up the call with a FAX, provided free of charge, at the ACLU website: *note: letters are too slow and not being read due to anthrax; email messages and petitions are essentially worthless  sorry  because they aren't read.

4) Invite people from work, clubs, friends, relatives, to small group meetings to educate people about what is happening, and why this does not help increase our security as individuals, but actually endangers it very gravely.

5) Encourage them to seek out alternative sources of information, whether through groups like the ACLU ( and the Green Party (; websites like (which has a large index of other sites),,,, or Free Speech Radio News

6) Encourage them to go out and proactively seek more people to do what we are doing and creatively think of more.

Below is a list of links on how to find your US Representative/Congressperson, which way they voted, the information on the House and Senate versions of the bill (which have been made even worse), and the ACLU's analysis of the problems.

With grave urgency,

Faramarz Nabavi

P.S. Here's something even more chilling: did you realize that 'Homeland Security' translates as 'Gestapo' [Geheime Staatspolizei] in German?

How to find out your elected officials:

Go to and enter your zip codes or in LA County, you can also do the following: First, go to and find your districts.

Then, go to and find your Rep. [this is 100% accurate---the ACLU zip code version is about 95% accurate]. . . ##

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Subject: Re: [AGALIST] COLUMN 62
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 22:28:42 EDT

Dear Al,

# 62 is yet another interesting collection of writing, thank you.

Can you tell me how to get in touch with Erik LaPrade?

Or forward him this message?

I really would like to contact him about his poem to Philip Lamantia.


Steven Fama

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