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Seems weirdly prophetic, somehow.

I had a recent conversation with my 30 year-old son about the current situation, I thought you might like to read the exchange, which contains some of my thoughts on possible motives for the terrorist "thing". :

BEAR'S SON, STARF:....I agree with this absolutely.  The atomic bomb attack on Japanese cities was the largest and most horrific act of terrorism ever perpetrated.  I don't care if all's fair in love and war; attacking a civilian population center with such weapons is unjustifiable, and served only to make sure the whole world knew that America was the biggest baddest mother fucker on the whole damn planet.  Fuck with us, and we will nuke you into dust.  No negotiation, unconditional surrender.  Setting ourselves up for global supremacy in the aftermath of the war, rather than having to share the thunder with all the other allies.  The forces were Allied Forces; the Bomb, however, was all American.

BEAR: Note, please, that for over two weeks the Japanese were desperately trying to get the American High Command to reply to their repeated requests to surrender.  The bomb was not needed, and even if it was, it could have been dropped  at sea or on an unoccupied nearby island as a demonstration of such power.  Is was indeed history's most blatant act of cowardly terrorism, since the perps were not exposed to return fire, at the altitude they flew over a country with no remaining aircraft or other air defenses against high flying bombers.

I think that America was defined by two acts of incomprehensible brutality, one was the Civil War, which was not fought over slavery as many like to think, but over the right (or lack of) to secede from a union once joined.  The North, which assumed itself to be the "USA" was in essence declaring there was "no exit" from the Constitution in terms similar to the Mafia of today.  There is no language in the Constitution which forbids a State once admitted to leave.

The other was, of course, the two bombs.

I really didn't need my dream of the ice storm to move here, but I was not thinking there was any way out, really-- so it got me off my bum and in motion.  But I made the right choice.  I quickly realized I could not continue to live in the US, because by my simple presence I would be giving silent assent to the actions of the government(s). No matter that I always vote---we all have seen how this is manipulated.  In OZ there are things I do not think are right, but here at least I feel that there is a chance for change, and this country has never done any kind of despicable acts other than the early bad treatment of the Aborigines (a British tradition, or so it seems), whereas we are now approaching a reconciliation.  In the US no such movement has ever been made by government or popular sentiment towards the natives displaced, dispossessed and slaughtered by the colonial Brits and their successors...

STARF: The whole thing seems awfully convenient, I do admit, though I have a hard time convincing myself to be cynical enough to believe that the evil fuckers running the show would have actually set the thing up.  I've wondered whether they might have intentionally "lowered their guard," so to speak, knowing there were plans in the works for an attack of some kind by Islamic extremists on American soil, but not knowing precisely where or when.  Bush certainly seemed intent on pissing off every other country in the world during his first year in office... and walking out of the racism conference with Israel was a really impolitic thing to do, especially when you consider how volatile and face-conscious Arab culture is.  Very antagonistic.

BEAR: "Lowering the guard" is the same thing in a way, as actively planning or promoting, and why not place agents provocateur inside the ranks of the various groups (domestic militia as well as foreign), and insinuating plans and ideas.  An act of terrorism so marked and promoted is perhaps the one thing which brooks no opposition, even from those most concerned, it rolls like a steamroller over all privacy and personal rights and freedom.  Unlike yourself, I can easily believe that there are people that evil and cold in power. Remember I was born into the government in DC, and saw a LOT during my childhood and teens.  I learned by 15 that he US federal government was the most dangerous opponent anyone could have.  Later, when I made acid, I was of every intention of quitting when the laws came in against it, as I knew I could not survive the feds' money, determination and raw manpower.  I was done, and I know if I had been more careful even and avoided arrest at the time, I would have been engineered into a later case, they were out for my blood and would not have given up.  In the '60's and '70's the feds were a little more ethical than the state narcs.  That has changed and they are now all corrupt and will set you up in a blink.

STARF: Meanwhile, a whole bunch of shit was about to hit the fan domestically; the engineered energy crisis was collapsing, people were starting to clue in to the damaged economy and the ludicrous tax cut, and there was that very big revelation coming about the independent election investigation, which leaks seem to indicate had found compelling evidence that Gore may have won, not by the contestable and dismissible whisker we all suspected he won by, but by a larger margin.  There were big storm clouds on the horizon for Bush and the Republican masses....  And suddenly, quite conveniently, it all went away, and Bush has 91% approval ratings, to go along with slavish applause from congress and a completely forgiving press.  Very convenient.  

I am very pleased you noticed.

     See also:

Yes, I wondered how many CEOs perished in the WTC ---the more prestigious had the highest offices, no?  Haven't heard much about heads of companies killed....  But as far as the death toll at the Pentagon, seems like a lot more are listed as killed than you are giving credence to...  I see one Lt. General, a bunch of Army Lt. Col's and Navy Captains.  Majors and Sgts. and such.  Acceptable losses, perhaps, but still, not quite just construction workers and clerks. (I've appended a list I found online).

BEAR: I was quoting the information given, which indicated that although the plane destroyed a large area in the building, it was nearly unoccupied, and the majority of the dead and injured were workers and clerical.  But there would have been a few officers, I am sure, and that there would have been very serious loss of high level personnel if the opposite side was targeted. In that portion was the Sec of Defense, Chief of Staff and all the highest ranking officer's offices, which were all  occupied at the time.  I think there were less than 200 personnel lost.  Pretty amazing considering that a hit on the opposite side could have run into the thousands.  The big killer is the tonnes of jet fuel, (essentially purified kerosene) on board which filled halls and offices with raging flames and dense smoke.

STARF: I don't know much about the Oklahoma City bombing ---I was pretty focused on other things when all that was going on.  Seemed too neat to me, though, very much like Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby packaged and presented.

BEAR: I watched a TV interview of an ex-military demolitions expert, who stated without qualification that a truck full of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil would  not have done much damage beyond breaking all the glass on the front of the building.  He said the columns were broken by carefully placed charges, and that it would have required a couple of tonnes of TNT in a truck to even approach that kind of damage from outside.  He also said  that there would have been a huge crater in the street from such a powerful explosive, and they showed  aerial shots of the front of the building taken a short time after the blast which showed only a cleared place, hardly more than a smudge, on the street where the truck blew up. I know about  explosives, and a mix of ammonium nitrate, a common nitrogen fertilizer and ordinary diesel fuel is used by miners and civil construction engineers to shatter rocks. It is a pusher, requires dynamite to initiate, burns very, very fast, kind of like confined gunpowder rather than truly detonates, and lacks "brisance", the extremely high velocity of detonation characteristic of Cimtex, TNT, tetryl, picric acid and PETN as well as initiators such mercury fulminate.  The reputation in many people's minds of ammonium nitrate as being highly destructive comes from an event in the 1950's in the harbour at Texas City, when a ship loaded with several hundred thousand pounds of the fertilizer caught on fire and the heat eventually set the cargo off.  In this case it was a highly heated, liquefied pure nitrate which then truly detonated with such force that it effectively leveled most of the city.  This is not the way small amounts of a fuel-mix blow up.  In OK there were no ATF agents (ostensibly the target due to Waco) in the office at the time, nor any other significant federal employees. More to the point, the ATF office was on the top floor and suffered only minor damage from the blast, a poor target indeed.





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