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No how we find
        our selfs
        over here
        in Dis

      tragic history

But can slavery
        the evil ghost-them self
        taked us tooked us
        crooked us,, higgers all the way back
was black
now they white  

was this is was
   why is we is
do we do say
all kinds...Hey! Eye! I!        

Does them we is
                them what aint not
                                we was
                                 to them
  is us older where the
gone was dead    ok
                was dead  

                Why is we
                Say, Hey, Willie
                Mays, Say Hey, Say what
                But, you got to
                tell me  

You got to
    tell me
    tell me  

Why is we
Wherever we is
is the same black
belt, aint never been
Free, since we was

Where who

        Why it

        We want?

Why we

   You sir
        why we  


        is you is


(missing section)

i is was for you that them say.
no burn is nothing .
As if, ok.  

but how is we then, by that
americans? by what....
by burn
by scar
by slavery
by ghetto and darkness in the night of pain
for race a dumb idea, to be a thing that is bet upon
how we be then them. how we be that" say  

why is we, then, they who it is you say, americans.
was they them americans
with us in the fields. not as bush one or two. to say Work higger work. was
they there, any. who felt the pain of whip
and still was hip. how is we americans. we never lived with they.
we lived as Coltrane to lawrence welk. as if
the corniness was a rat with a whip. how is we they.
how is we americans. was on paper. ok. dig that. but then  and when  
was the bottom of the boat we constitution. was the burlap we was slick in the
pig trough they feed our kids. they took away drum. that be it. was i at l
was it slow we can be that made us that, like ellic
on the screen, is franco still dead? was that we ask
that slick, it bring us in. was the lynchings did it. the kkk? was it?
Malcolm dead or Dr king, was that the thing
that did it, made us like them americans. as we is supposed to be  

look dumb sunofa bitch, if you say
you got to tell me what way
we is, i canít see. i know the paper words. the 13, 14, 15 shit, and nobody even
for that, dirty rat, we's wanted  frree. the mule, the forty
acres. was cool. but that was like American, it never got here
to us./ you got a line. tell it. i aint goin no where
that ainít what am said. i want to know, paper gone,
what is it, the hoods of them that lynched us. Giuliani's shining head. bilbo
without a icepick in his neck. or Helms
allowed to walk and not be dead. what is it. Robeson torture, or web
exile with Garvey, Nat turner hung, Langston before
the unamercan=super-american dung. was  the stripes on us that matched
the flag, did it.
the drums they took. the soul they got, they crooked. from we, elvis king,
indeed,  of greed.  What made it what you say. if robber rip yr dust you say
it must then
be his'n, then why is we is prison. what is that, you want believe, why is i

I say i be here anyway, to take my self to me. I aint bleed for you
alone, i bleed from and to my me. I aint not american, at least not
like you and them. I be here, aint gone nowhere, aint got no other, ask your
self, no close as me relation. and to begin, if talk we is, there got to be
reparation. And with that, and most of all is, am so,
You want to say with eyes turned out it mean to separate. that in it
if i want it, otherwise if out donít be there, how it be my mind is what be
saying , however, what it is, is what i say, what i want and do. aint nobody got
no right, no way to make me what they do. Dr king, my man say no lie can live
forever, he say, my man, Dr king, and i know when i was young i used to run
him in the ground. he say, anyway, no lie, you dig, like all that shit you get
high on, it cant last , noway
can it be, forever. and further deep, make chumps lose sleep, Dr king say you
still reap, jive ass sucker, its deep, aint it, but you still
reap what you sow.
        what i want is me. for real. i want me and my self. and what that is is
what i be and what i see and feel and who is me in the . what it is, is who it
is, and when it me its what is be....i'm gone be here, if i want, like i said, self
determination, but i aint come from a foolish tribe, we wants the mule the
land,  you can make it threehundred years of blue chip stock in the entire
operation. We want to be paid, in a central bank  the average worker farmer
wage for all those years we gave it free. Plus we want damages, for all the
killings.the fraud, the lynchings, the missing justice, the lies and frame-ups,
unwarranted jailings, tar and featherings, character and race assassinations.
historical slander, ugly caricatures, for each sambo, step and fechit flick, we
want to be paid, for every hurtful thing you did or said. for all the land you
took, for all the rapes, all the rosewoods and black wall streets you
destroyed. all the mis-education, jobs loss, segregated shacks we lived in,
the disease that ate and killed us, for all mad police that drilled us. For all
the music and dances you stole. The styles. the language. the hip clothes you
copped. the careers you stopped. All these are suits, specific litigation, as
represent we be like we,for reparations for damages paid to the Afro-
American nation.
        we want education for all of us and anyone else in the  belt hurt by
slavery. for the native peoples  even the poor white people you show  all the
time as funny, all them  abners and daisy maes, them beverly hill billies who
never got to no beverly hills. who never got to harvard on they grandfathers
wills. we want reparations for them, right on,  for the Mexicans whose land
you stole. for all of north Mexico you call Texas, Arizona,  California,  New
Mexico, Colorado, all that you gotta give up,  autonomy and reparations. to
the Chicano, and the Native Americans, who souls you ripped out with their
land, give  Self-Determination, Regional autonomy, thatís what my we is tellin
not askin, and they gon do the same. when they demand it, like us again, but,
in they own exploited name.
Yeh the education thatís right two hundred...years. But we want all the cash,
we want a central stash, a central bank, with democratically elected
trustees, and  board elected by us all, to map out, from the referendum we
set up, what we want to spend it on. To build that Malcolm sense Self-
Determination as  Self-Reliance , Self Respect, Self Defense, the will of
what the  good Dr. beat on " true self consciousness. Simply the psychology
of Freedom.
        Then we can talk about bein american. then we can listen without the
undercurrent of desire to first set your ass on fire.
We will only talk of voluntary unity, of autonomy, as vective arms of self-
determination. If there is democracy in you that is where it will be shown.
this is the only way we is americans. this is the only truth that can be told.
otherwise there is no future between us but war. and we is rather lovers and
singers and dancers and poets and drummers and actors and runners and
elegant heartbeats of the suns flame....but we is also to the end of our
silence and sitdown. we is at the end of being under your ignorant smell your
intentional hell. either give us our lives or plan to forfeit your own.



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